Bringing novel siRNA
drugs into the clinic

Developing safe and reliable methods of temporarily silencing target genes in different tissue cells.


"CatSci's purpose is to get new medicines into the hands of patients in need and partnering the game changing siRNA drug development potential at Argonaute is a collaboration we are very excited about. Together we are exploring solutions for the manufacture of high-quality siRNA drug substance to enable robust preclinical studies and at scale for clinical trials."

- Dr Ross Burn (CEO, CatSci)

“Our businesses interact seamlessly to ensure IP generation and business objectives are robust, enforceable and value generating.”

- Rob Docherty PhD EPA MBA (Director, Symbiosis IP)

“At Carbometrics we specialise in the synthesis and bioconjugation of synthetic molecular recognition agents. Our collaboration with Argonaute is an excellent fusion of competencies and an exciting opportunity for us to use our chemistry expertise to augment what is already a paradigm shifting siRNA platform to create revolutionary therapeutics”

- Andy Chapman (CEO and Co-founder, Carbometrics)

Argonaute RNA

What do we do?

Argonaute RNA is pursuing a number of therapeutic opportunities in RNA interference. RNAi harnesses a cell mechanism that inhibits the expression of a specific gene and thereby inhibits the production of a specific protein.

Argonaute RNA research projects build on existing intellectual property. We show how our proprietary modification of small interfering RNA (siRNA) allows safe and effective ways to silence specific gene expression.

We use a novel method of stabilising the siRNA and thereby avoid a range of issues which have hitherto proved significant obstacles to developing siRNA drugs for use in man.

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OUR science

01  Introducing PULSE siRNA™

Protected by a highly differentiated patent position, PULSE siRNA™ therapies have the requisite drug profile to treat life-threatening areas of clinical unmet need, where a short duration of target gene silencing is mission critical.

Pulse RNA platform:

Ideal peak knockdown for rapid recovery acute indications

Rapid recovery

Stability and potency without chemical modification

02  and Argo Dual SiRNA

Argo dual siRNA combine two gene-silencing targets in a single molecule, ideal for treating multi-factorial diseases where silencing a single gene is not enough·

Argo Dual siRNA Platform:

DNA nanotechnology enabling platform for bispecific siRNA

Patents protect platform with high value gene targets in cardiovascular disease

Highly effective + cost advantages manufacturing at scale


Creating a pipeline of assets with clear route to partnerships and licensing



The broad Argonaute team has deep industry experience.  We have the leaders of RNAi projects at GSK and AstraZeneca.  We have entrepreneurs who have built businesses in novel chemistry and process chemistry.

We have experience in taking early stage ideas from academia into commercial exits.  We have professors at the forefront of their fields.  We have a shared sense of mission and we work exceptionally well together.

Meet the team
Chief Executive Officer
Dr Mike Khan

Mike as CEO leads Argonaute in all scientific aspects.  He blends deep siRNA domain knowledge with clinical experience and has taken siRNA drugs through IND to design and completion of Phase 2.  He is the former CMO of Silence Therapeutics plc, and has over 25 years of experience as a leader in R&D, spanning the full spectrum of preclinical, translational and clinical development.

Mike was a Clinical Lecturer in Medicine at UCLH and former Head of Molecular Medicine and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Warwick. He is a senior clinician leading one of the foremost cardio metabolic clinics in the UK, based at the University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. He is an expert advisor to NICE and the EC, and has contributed to establishing the current state of the art for treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in the UK.
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Executive Chairman
Anthony Parker

Anthony co-founded Argonaute RNA Ltd in 2015. Anthony has responsibility for running the Company’s business and implementing its strategies.  His background is in finance and he has worked for thirty years in investment banking and fund management.  He has extensive experience in biotech, including as non-executive director of an immunotherapy company listed on the AIM market of the LSE.
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Chief Financial Officer
Richard Tompkins

Richard co-founded Argonaute RNA Ltd with Anthony in 2015. Richard leads on guiding all R&D projects from planning to implementation to meet intellectual property objectives. Formerly a Royal Marines officer, Richard has seventeen years of investment banking and consultancy experience, latterly at Citigroup and Barclays. He has a PhD in Economics from Exeter.
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