Argonaute RNA Ltd. is developing safe and reliable methods of temporarily silencing target genes in different tissue cells.


Anthony Parker (CEO)

Mike Khan (CEO)

Dr Mike Khan is the former Chief Medical Officer of the largest listed siRNA company in Europe, Silence Therapeutics and has over 25 years of experience as a leader in R&D, spanning the full spectrum of preclinical, translational and clinical development. Mike is Former Head of Molecular Medicine and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Warwick. He also leads one of the foremost cardio metabolic clinics in the UK, based at the University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. He is an expert advisor to NICE and the EC and has contributed to establishing the current state of the art for treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in the UK.

Anthony Parker (CEO)

Anthony Parker (Chairman)

Anthony has worked for thirty years in investment banking and fund management.
He co-founded Beagle Partners in 2004 and has taken an active role in funding biotech businesses for the past ten years.

Anthony Parker (CEO)

Richard Tompkins (CFO)

Richard has seventeen years of investment banking and consultancy experience, latterly at Citigroup and Barclays. He is an ex-Royal Marines Officer and has a PhD in Economics from Exeter University.

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Anthony Parker (CEO)

Dan Mitchell (CMA)

Dan is Associate Professor of Immunology and Principal Fellow in Pharmacology at Warwick Medical School, overseeing translational clinical research and core medical education programmes alongside senior partners in academia and the National Health Service.
He studied Biochemistry at the University of Oxford and was awarded a PhD in Pathology from Imperial College London, investigating autoimmune kidney disease and mechanisms of innate immunity via gene targeting.
His academic career, involving Fellowships at the University of Oxford and the Medical Research Council, has subsequently focused on the molecular immunology and glycobiology of human medicine – especially solid organ transplantation, infection, and vascular disease. Publications include papers in Science, Nature Medicine, PNAS and the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Recent work has involved the synthesis of high-definition glycoconjugates and their evaluation as selective cell-targeting agents.

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Argonaute RNA is pursuing a number of therapeutic opportunities in RNA interference. RNAi harnesses a cell mechanism that inhibits the expression of a specific gene and thereby inhibits the production of a specific protein.

Argonaute RNA research projects build on existing intellectual property. We show how our proprietary modification of small interfering RNA (siRNA) allows safe and effective ways to silence specific gene expression.

We use a novel method of stabilising the siRNA and thereby avoid a range of issues which have hitherto proved significant obstacles to developing siRNA drugs for use in man.


Argonaute RNA Ltd. is backed by a network of high net worth investors. For EIS opportunities, please contact


Argonaute RNA Ltd. is located in Bristol City Centre. Please get in touch if you need further information on our company or the scientific research it funds.

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